Monday, March 17, 2008

Hooray New Bodies!

Finally got a chance to pick up my new lids from Nick @ The Bawdy Shop

I just don't have any painting skills, so I leave it up to the experts. Nick never lets me down!

Just need to whore them up with some stickers and I can retire my used and abused bodies (thanks to the crazy American jumps).


Got them all whored up for the Tillsonberg race next weekend. TIP: Dremalling bodies, while such a pain in the ass does make the bodies last longer with the nice smooth radius on the corners. I also clear coat the inside of them and reinforce the crack prone areas with some fiber tape and epoxy (not a lot).

BLING: On exposed vent holes, I add some mesh (this is from the screen door my dog ripped up). Just cut and CA it to the back side. Keeps stones out and looks trick!

RB5 is Ready to Race! Bring it on!

Next Almost Live Race Coverage: Southern Ontario Indoor Champs

2nd Annual Southern Ontario Inddor Off Road Championships
April 4, 5 & 6 2008
Tillsonburg, Ontario

Well it's back! One of Canada's biggest races held in an indoor Motocross track! It is a combined Nitro and electric race with close to 350 entires. The place is huge and I guess it has become the kick start event to the out door season. All the area's fastest drivers and many from Quebec, Michigan and NY will be there and I will return to defend my 2wd and 4wd open electric titles. Competition will be fierce as everyone has upped their game. The place is pretty sweet. There will be a hobby shop set up in the VIP lounge over looking the track (it also has couches and a big plasma TV in there if you need to escape the nitro fumes and noise). I will be pimping my pit with my Caravan tent (I'm thinking fully enclosed with lounge chairs, air cleaner, food, espresso machine and a heater if necessary). It will be long days a la CRCRC I think so I want to be comfy...haha. Hopefully the electric cars will run the full track this year (they cut out a couple of cool sections last year) and hopefully they get a few more port-o-lets than last year as it got pretty nasty by the end of the week. One more last "hopefully": Hopefully they get us electric guys some bigger trophies too...we kind of got the shaft compared to the nitro guys ad we paid just as much to race....

Link to the place:

4wd A Main from last year:

Some pics from last years race:

The track from the VIP lounge

Me, Steve and Earl pitting in the VIP lounge (sucks we can't pit there this year)

The aftermath

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kyosho First Aid Kit

A lot of people have been asking what kind of spares they should be carrying with them. Here is a "First Aid" list of what I think are the essentials to have handy. The cars are pretty solid as is, but it never hurts to have a couple of spares just in case and this should cover most of the bases:

Ultima RB5:

Front and Rear Arms #UM503 (comes with one of each)
Front Hub, Knuckle and Steering Rack #UM505 (comes as one parts tree)
Front Bulkhead #UM502
Front Shock Tower #UM511 (Plastic) #UMW500 (Carbon)
Rear Hub #LA244-0 (stock) or #UM519 (new heavy duty one)
Rear T Plate Kit #UM508 (Plastic) #UMW505 (Carbon)
Rear Shock Tower #UM512 (Plastic) #UMW501 (Carbon)
Plastic Shock Cap Parts #W5106
Motor Plate #UM517 (Stock) #UMW509 (Machined)

Lazer ZX-5SP

Front and Rear Arms #LA255 (comes with one of each)
Front Knuckle and Hub #LA254
Differential Housing #LA210
Shock Tower Mounts #LA209
Shock Caps #W5194-01
Front Shock Tower #LA216
Rear Shock Tower #LA217
Rear Hubs #LA252

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Set Ups From Circuit JC (2008 Quebec Championships)

For the Kyosho guys down there, here are the set ups that I used. Let me know if they work for you if you try them.