Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Outdoor season is here!

So the outdoor season will kick off in Ontario with Sid's annual "Spring Shakedown" this weekend (if the weather holds....). I will again be "Almost Live" with race coverage from the event. New this year is a totally brand new track layout with some really cool features, new watering system, some new dirt and a few other little tweaks. Their website ( is one of the nicest looking and functioning RC Track websites out there. I was there testing the Kyosho's a few days ago and was swapping between the stock RB5 rear end and the new Worlds rear end kit. I think I am going to run the new worlds kit and just get on with it. The cars were pretty good I think but the track was a little loose still from the fresh build. The Lazer SP was working good as well. Tire wise, so far, JConcepts Goosebumps, Proline Bowties and even Losi IFMAR studs were working, but again the track wasn't swept, so that may change. I am hoping for one more test day there before race day. There are quite a few pre-registered for this one so it looks like electric off-road is really back on the up swing! Sid's always has the nicest trophies around as well. Hopefully I can add a couple to the pile in the basement. Oh yeah almost forgot....10 minute A Mains, 8 minute B's and 7 minutes for C on. Cooooooool.

So come on by and hang out in the Kyosho/Orion super pit and take in some racing action and see who has been practicing over the winter and who has been surfing the net too much!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Southern Ontario Indoor Off Road Championships - Mains

Main Day

Sorry for not updating last night, but I have not seen my wife or son (aside from them sleeping) for three days so I spent some family time when I got home.

Well no practice in the morning and they went straight into the mains. I had a long ass wait being in the A (to the tune of 4 hours). The only bad thing about these bigger races. Good thing the sun was out and I caught up on some sleep in the peace and quiet of my nice warm car. To get the Nitro results out of the way:

8th scale A Main Truggy:
Dave Henry was TQ and pretty much ran away with it. I was marshalling this race and he was driving the smoothest out there by a long shot. Team mate Gareth Houban was 2nd and Glenwood's Kyle Inman drove a great race to finish in 3rd. Justin William and Mike Burr rounded out the top five. My Kyosho teammate Andrew Phillipe finished in 6th place

8th scale A Main Buggy:
This was the race of the day. Awesome battles for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for much of the race. Dave Henry, George Stiliadis and Ben Wheeler swapped the lead countless times and it really was anyones race up until even the last lap where a hard charging Ben was making up ground on Dave Henry but perhaps just was a few laps short of catching him. He flamed out 2 seconds behind Dave with about 4 corners to go. Great drive from him though. I don't know too many of the Nitro guys but I saw this kid driving in practice and though he was really smooth, calm and collected for such a young racer. Excellent run and he gave Dave good run for the money! George ended up in 3rd with Gareth Houban and Mike Burr rounding out the top five. I think Andrew Phillipe was in the B Main, but I missed it.

8th Scale MT A Main:
Old Skooler and MT ninja Martin Petre easily took the A Main followed by Jason Tuer and Bill Gumbert.

Electric 2wd A Main:

Well I was on the TQ spot but kinda choked out there a bit. It was loose as a goose out there come main time and my car was a bit of a handful in the traction department. Glenwood RC's Brian Bellinger, Cory Pullman and myself must have swapped the lead half a dozen times on the blown out and rough track. Great racing and I think we were all very sportsman like in the race when we bumped each other a few times. The RB5 was awesome in the ripples and bumps but I made a few mistakes. Cory drove a clean race when he got out in the lead and I battled back to make a sweet pass on Brian in the second last corner of the final lap to get back to 2nd and then a rut swallowed my car whole and spit me out on my lid right at the last corner! Brian sneaked by to steal 2nd at the line. This was a super fun race though and the Glenwood guys are always great to race with! My competitive side was still pretty pissed that I lost (I have competitive issues...haha) but those dudes drove great in the main. Kyle Inman and Anthony Muscato rounded out the top 5.

Electric 4wd A Main:

Sitting on TQ again and possibly still pissed about losing the 2wd race. I drove some Angry Asian driving and proceeded to check out and not look back in this main. To be honest I don't really know what happened behind me. I saw (new to electric) driver Kenny Thompson come from 4th or 5th to second on the first lap and then I don't know from there. I was too focused on winning this one. I took this race to salvage some pride (by 20 seconds :P) , Brian Bellinger battled back for 2nd and "Losi's suck in the rough" Abiye Birku drove a great race with his XXX to 3rd. Corey Pullman and George Stiliadis rounded out the top 5

Random Thoughts:

- Sitting around all day sucks
- I wish we could have had a few minutes of practice on Sunday just to see how the track had changed from the day before (especially after all those Nitro rounds went through it).
- I think the electric guys who opted out of this one missed some great racing and a really great track layout
- Matt and crew put on a decent event. There were very few (if any) hiccups for the weekend
- The Chesterman Indoor MX building is a great race venue.
- I don't know what is going on with me lately. I have finished better in 4wd in the last three races I have entered. I like 2wd much better and my RB5 gets more love than the the Lazer for sure.
- I did NOT spill the tire water bucket once all weekend long although Justin gave me shit for the Buggy Grip smell.
- While I wouldn't mind trying 8th scale buggy, I think it will just be too much work to get into. That and with me still racing mountain bikes and having an 8 month old son, I just don't have the time. If I stop racing bikes and find some time though you Nitro guys better watch out as I don't race anything half assed.
- I love A&W in Tillsonburg for having a late night drive through
- I hate the Coffee Culture in Tillsonburg for not opening before 8am
- That Ben Wheeler kid really impressed me with his driving
- You could tell when the Glenwood guys were behind the computer as it sounded like you were at a Pro Supercross event! Those guys have some announcing skills.
- If I race this next year I am thinking of just showing up on Sunday and try to just bump up to the A Main as this will free up the rest of my weekend :)

1st and 3rd for the weekend (TQ for both)

ZX-5SP Equipment:
Team Orion Vortex 6.5 Brushless Motor 21/78
Team Orion 3600 Race Spec Li-Po
Team Orion Advantage Carbon Edition Charger

RB5 Equipment:

Team Orion Vortex 7.5 Brushless Motor 24/78
Team Orion 3600 Race Spec Li-Po
Team Orion Advantage Carbon Edition Charger

*Set Up Sheets Coming

2wd Results

4wd Results

Artsy Fartsy Shots

The track was grooving up in spots, but there was still a fine dusting of dirt over most of it

Ben Wheeler doing a few laps

A little Ripple and Double action

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Southern Ontario Indoor Off Road Championships - Day 2

Southern Ontario Indoor Off Road Championships - Day 2

Just rolled in, but I am sure they are still finishing the Qualifying. That is one good thing about electric I guess...I get to go home sooner! Well Day 2 is in the books and The track was still fun even though it is getting a little blown out (they are not watering or sweeping the track). The weather was awesome today and that kept things warm and the added ventilation of Chestermans is really good. The fumes are nowhere near as bad as last year. It did not bother me at all. Qualifying started out a little slow for most as we are still really learning the track. In 2wd I managed to TQ with a 9 lap @ 5:19 over Glenwood's Cory Pullman and Brian Bellinger. In 4wd there was a battle every round. Kyle Innman, Brian Bellinger, Kenny Thompson and myself swaped TQ pace almost every round, but we all missed the elusive 10 laps in round 1 and 2 (Kyle with a 9 lap 5:03). I was TQ first round, Kyle squeaked Brian in the second round for TQ and in the final round I made about 5 setting changes at once to the Lazer as a balls out move (Mike likes it when I do that), but it proved to be the shiznat. I laid down a 10 lap 5:29 or so pace with Brian squeaking in there as well with a 10 lap 5:39 or so pace on a blown out track too! Kyle settled for a 9 lapper for third. The 4wd main is gonna be a great race! I broke a few parts (see pics) but had a decent day. I watched 2 movies on the lap top as it was about 4 hours for each round). On the way out I think I heard Dave Henry was TQ in Truggy (no surprises there). Needless to say it was a long day! Here are some pics...videos will be up in the morning.

View from the VIP Lounge

Overlooking the pits

VIP Lounge from the ground

Inside the lounge. There were a couple of hobby stores and a bunch of chairs and couches.

Some Nitro Practice

Abiye Birku's Sprucewood/Losi 8ight

Dave Henry's Truggy (TQ) and the '08 Sprucewood Body design.

Misc. Jammin car

Inside the Glenwood "Valhalla" Pit

The breakage total for me and Andre (cold morning practice and plastic are not friends)

JConcepts new Goosebumps tires were hooking up really well on the dusty surface.

After a long hard fought day, I'm sitting TQ in 2wd and 4wd Electric!

Random Thoughts:

- I wish more of the crybaby electric guys came out. The track is soooo much fun. Matt once again gave us a great track layout!

- I do think it should have been watered (at least overnight) as there is a light dust off the main line that can be SLICK! Also the ruts are getting rather large in some spots.

- I love a building with solid breakers. We have yet to trip one and the laptop really saves you in between rounds (just get us wireless next year!)

- The track "Nazi" (the guy running the pit lane and driver's stand area) has been keeping a good flow going.

- I would go into town in between rounds (looks like there is a nice coffee house there...but I was affraid of loosing my sweet parking spot...haha

- Packing up my crap tonight is gonna suck

- At least I don't have to cross any borders this time.

- I forget what my son looks like (but I checked in on him before I left)

- There were "rumours" over the mic that I was coming to Nitro.....these are false. LOL

Mike'isms: Although he is not here I can still bag on him for being a pussy for not being here. The Glenwood guys agree with me.

Some short video's (Sorry for no electric video...tough to do while getting ready myself)

The double (they had to rope off the area behind there as guys were just pinning it and taking out spectators)

Ripples, double and the sweeper

Martin Petre's Truggy...I think (all you Nitro guys look the same to me..haha)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Southern Ontario Indoor Off Road Championships - Day 1

Southern Ontario Indoor Off Road Championships
Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada

Day 1 - Set up and Practice

So Day 1 began around 1pm and "Tent City" was constructed in the pits for those that didn't pit in the side room. Many of us fully enclosed out tents to keep the nasty Nitro fumes out. Lots of people are prepared this year and the hum of propane heaters was heard in many of the pits (mine included!). I was all by myself in my tent as Mike, Steve and Gino wussed out on me (Mike is probably at home drinking Club Soda...haha). London racer Andre showed up a little late and I offered up the vacant slot in the tent. I am next to the Glenwood RC "Valhalla" of a pit tent(pics tomorrow). It is like 3 or 4 tents all enclosed with like 4 heaters in it! There are tons of the Springfield crew here which is always fun. Justin Williams showed up a little late as well and was pitting out in the open so I offered him a spot in the Kyosho Kabin. The track is really good. Much better than last years layout although the dirt is a little different than last time. There is no watering or sweeping this year and there is a light dust on the track. I have been trying lots of tire combos and the new JConcepts Goosebumps were working well. Their front ribs I find are better than my old favorite Losi ribs too. Thanks to the JConcept guys for the speedy delivery on them! Us electric guys didn't get that much track time (as we are small in numbers compared to the nitro guys) but the track is well suited for both scales of cars. The fumes are not as bad as last year and with the weather supposed to be warmer for Saturday and Sunday I think it will be a good event. I'll take more pictures and videos during the down time tomorrow. Again, no internet at the track so my coverage is yet again "Almost Live".....

Almost there!

Chesterman Indoor MX Park (The track is in the building on the right. It is BIG)

Registration in the store...Thank God for the pre-paid line!

2008 Layout. It's a fun track!

The Kyosho "Kabin"

"Tent City"

The other room for pitting.

View from the stand

A couple of laps with Mr. Birku of Sprucewood Racing

The Ripple Section