Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tebo's Kyosho MP9 TKI2 Worlds Car Preview

Pretty sweet looking with the Red White and Blue theme right down to the wheel and shock nuts. Can you see the new stuff?

Best of Luck to the Red Army!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How To: Make Closed Cell Foam Inserts for 10th scale

Kind of late to the party as most companies (JConcepts and Pro-Line) will be releasing pre-fab versions in the next few weeks (so I have been told). But here is how I made my own out of old 8th scale foams.

Step 1: Bust out 8th scale foam

Step 2: Cut foam on a 45 degree angle using sharp scissors. The 45 degree angle helps mask any hard spots. The 3M glue dries with a soft seam (well at least way softer than using CA)

Step 3: Figure out how much to cut off (through some trial and error I found a good length and marked it on my super pimp quartz set up board :P)

Step 4: Match up a 45 degree cut at the desired length and cut.

Step 5: Check fit of cut.

Step 6: Ideally use 3M 74 Fast Foam Adhesive (I ran out so had to use 3M 77). Shake the crap out of it.

Step 7: Spray both sides for maximum hold.

Step 8: Align ends and hold in place for a minute for the glue to tack up.

Step 9: I throw mine in the inside of a packaging tape roll. This will hold it's form and keep pressure on the joint until the glue dries. I found it better than using elastics or tape.

Step 10: Check bond after glue dries. Mount 'em up!

Next "Almost Live" Race Coverage: Toronto Hobby Show!

Been a little quiet in the "off season" around here but thought I'd get back in the groove on the 'ol blog.

So thanks to the guys at Tamiya Canada for putting this together for us up here. 10th scale in the Toronto area has died but maybe this will spur a little rejuvenation of the class. The Hobby Show used to be THE race of the year "back in the day". We even had another race there a few years ago on dirt (this year is carpet off road...but cool carpet off road with real features) that was an awesome race (I won 2wd :P). Lots of old skool local names will be in attendance and I think it is well over 100 entries already. I just finished building up my new Kyosho RB5SP2 and can't wait to get it out there. I am hoping to make some winter trips to Ottawa's Dirt Trax and into the USA to Glenwood RC and AMS Raceway (also to CRCRC Midwest Champs). I have to finally buy a new camera as mine finally kicked the bucket. I'll have internet at the race too so I can try and do some live updates as well.

Random Thoughts:
- Even though JConcepts will be releasing their 10th scale closed cell foam tire inserts in the next few weeks, I will post a how to on making your own from old 8th scale foams.
- Special thanks to Fred @ B-Fast RC for the diff kit. I have carpal tunnel syndrome on my wrist from spinning the diff all is that smooth! I am running the new ceramic thrust bearing kit from them as well. I'll have a RB5 diff built write up up soon as well.
- There are always rumours up here about someone opening up an indoor dirt track but it never seems to pan out. Hopefully someone can figure out how to make it happen (our rent up here is insane)

For more info on the race go here:

Tamiya Canada
The Toronto Hobby Show

Edit: Just got word my new lid from Darkside Designs ( is en-route. Hope it makes it here on time! Kris is the man and paints for some of the fastest racers on the planet...Hopefully some of that rubs off onto me!