Saturday, December 17, 2011

Universal Raceway Grand Opening! Toronto finally has a track!

So got a chance to sneak out and check out the new track for a couple of hours.
Made it door to door from West Burlington in 25 minutes (Sport # mode in my new STi...haha).

This place is awesome. Easily the nicest indoor track in Canada. 90' x 60' of carpet off road goodness. The layout flows well and the traction is sweet. Absolutely amazing place! Nice and bright, private rental pit rooms (or plenty of space in the regular pits). Concession stand, Timing projected onto wall, parts on site as well as their regular Hobby Shop across the street. Should be some sweet racing here for sure!

Back room has a drift track and space for flying Heli's and small planes

Front lobby with lounge

Measured the track at 90' x 60' Great first layout. Justin DaSilva laid down a 17.9 in 2wd buggy. My best was an 18.2 I think. Might drop the 7.5 in next time (versus my 9.5)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Universal Raceway. Sick new track in the GTA!

The guys at Big Boy's with Cool Toy's have been hard at work and in stealth mode keeping the details of the new track a secret until now. Opens this weekend! I stopped by there today and the place is amazing (from what I could see in the window). More to come when I can actually get into this bad boy.

Teaser Video:

Gonna be a fun winter!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Wow, dust off the keyboard! I have been on a R/C hiatus pretty much all year. I only did 3 Nitro races all season. I started a new career in Real Estate ( and have been really busy. Also have a 1 year old daughter and my son is now 4 so they have been keeping me busy! I have decided to do some 10th scale electric offroad racing this winter now that we have a few indoor offroad carpet tracks spring up. Fastcats really had set the bar high (and I miss their facility and the family behind it). We will have to see how the new tracks stack up! I'm excited to get back in the mix and can't wait to race again!

See you at the track!

Sneak Peek!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Next "Almost Live" Race Coverage: Canadian Indoor Off Road Shootout!

300+ Entries, Converted Indoor MX Track, Nitro, Smoke & Dirt = Ontario, Canada's season kick off race! Always a good time shaking off the cobwebs and seeing who put in the time over the winter! I am bringing my own internet with me so I should be able to update often! Gotta start packing! See you at the race!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hi guys,

Sorry there is no report yet. Wife's grandfather passed away so I am back on the road for a few days. Will do it when I get back home.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Countdown to Motorama! Heats posted!

As I had told everyone things are completely controlled by the MR management and as much as I know everyone wants to get in on Thursday night to set up their pit, that is not an option. That being said, I did talk to them about giving us some more time on Friday and they will allow us to open the pits at 7AM on Friday! So now you have 2 hours to set up your pits before the track opens.

As I have heard all kinds of stories from past MR events where guys were ripping their cars in the parking lot between parked cars to break in engines. this is something we don't want to happen so we have arranged with the MR organizers to have a sectioned off area outside the pits that will be used to break in engines, tune cars ect. This is the only area that you will be allowed to use.

As promised, here are the practice heats for Friday. Track goes live at 9am with heat 1 of Monster Trucks. Everyone is required to corner marshal after their practice heats.

Remember, for round 2 and 3 of practice, we will be using your 3 fastest consecutive laps from either round 2 or 3 to seed you into your qualifiers. I will do the reseed after the last heat on Friday night so you will not know what heat you are in until Saturday morning, the order of class will remain the same for Saturday's qualifying.

Now if you see a mistake in your entry info, wrong spelling, wrong class, transponder or you don't see you name in the listing. first of all DON'T FREAK OUT! It is a simple thing that we can fix and I can make the correction.

Heats can be downloaded here:

- I was killing myself laughing when I saw Ryan was in the same heat as Jesse Robbers....How does this happen!? HAHAHAHA

"Just in Time" delivery from JC! Gonna be up late gluing up some new race shoes for the race!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Next "Almost Live" Race Coverage: US Indoor Championships @ Motorama!

Switching it up from going to CRCRC has us going to Harrisburg, PA for the annual Motorama show. Will be the first time for me there and it looks like it will be a cool event. Ryan, Steve and myself are road tripping this one, but there are several other Canadians making the trip down for this. See you at the track!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Act of Dominance Comparison: Wheel comparison

Did some weighing and measuring of some wheels and took a look at some tires and foam too. Facebook page (because uploading lots of pics on here is a total pain in the ass...)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Act of Dominance update

Sorry for the delay in the test. Engines and servos are on their way so hopefully I will have them up and running soon!