Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Next "Almost Live" Race Coverage: Ummmm not sure!

Where to race this weekend????

Well I am actually on the fence between the GLORCS Round #1 at Full Throttle Raceway in NY or Hardcore Raceway's Club Series Round #2. I know that the GLORCS race will be well attended BUT I think I have to limit my 3 day race weekends this year with a new kid on the way and a new house. I am moving in like a week and should really work this Saturday as it is our busiest time of year (and help set up our moving/garage sale). I think I can afford to miss one round of the GLORCS series (I have already missed one round of the Club Series). So I will have to decide pretty soon I suppose but I am leaning towards the 1 day race instead of the 3 day right now. Such a healthy 8th scale race scene up here with RC Pro Series, GLORCS, Tillsonburg, Sprucewood Invitational, Hardcore and DORC Club much racing so little time!

Random left field thought: Why don't manufacturers make man sized shock oil bottles....The 10th scale sized ones are practically empty after one full shock rebuild! I need to buy stock in the oil companies!!!