Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RC Pro Series Round 3 - Average Joe's R/C - MAINS!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Another hot sunny day for the mains. I got to the track around 7:30am so that I could change out my shock oil (went 1/2 wt lower all around on the Nitro car as the track was pretty rutted out, bumpy and loose). We were going to run 10 minute triple A Mains for electric and a 1/2 hour A Main for Nitro Buggy.

Electric A1

At the tone we all took off with a clean start and 1-2-3 had a bit of a gap on the field. Lots of lead swapping for the first half of the race. It was a hard race as you needed a little bit of luck through some of the blown out sections. You would catch a rut here and there and it would flip you or spin you out. I managed to stretch out the lead to about 12 seconds over the field with only 3 laps left and pretty much had it in the bag when I felt the car starting to slow down (thermalling). I tried to baby the car around and second place was gaining fast. With two laps to go I was still up by 7 seconds when the car had enough and quit. I tried to let it sit for a couple of seconds then go but the car was done. I was so bummed as I really wanted to get one win under the belt. Andy took the win followed by Abiye. I still ended up in 8th out of 12 with the DNF. Andy forgot to bring his car into tech after the race though and they DQ'd his run. So Abiye ended up with the win!

Electric A2

Tried a different tire set up (switched from my trusty JConcepts Subcultures to a Tebo style AKA City Block / I Beam combo) and it was the wrong choice. Surprised with the difference actually. The car was crazy loose and very hard to drive. Lots of crashes later I ended up in 5th place. Good battles up front though and Jay Lovegrove pulls off I believe his first A Main e Buggy victory with a superb drive over Andy in second and Caster's Kevin Taylor finally getting things sorted out for 3rd.

Electric A3

Back on the JConcepts Subcultures and the car was back to being awesome. This was probably the best race of the three. Myself, Andy, Abiye and Steve all battled with the lead swapping around again for the race. Andy checked out a bit as 2nd, 3rd and 4th were all battling for position. Steve and I had a great battle and I was gapping the big jump to table top almost every lap in an effort to make a mid air pass or gain some more ground on him. Super fun race to end a frustrating electric day for me.

Overall Results

(Damn thermal cost me a podium spot....)

Nitro Buggy A Main

I was slotted into the 6th place (which is a dangerous spot to be for a nitro start..haha). The car was running great though and the Subculture tires are my new tire of choice as they seem to work really well in Ontario. At the tone we got off fairly clean but after a couple of laps I was down to 7th or 8th I think. I buckled down and with the track all blown out people were crashing a lot and I managed to get up to 2nd. I then got tangled with another car and flamed out. Steve Mostacci got me back in the race quick, but now I was a couple of laps down. I tried to just drive a clean race but the damage was done. I ended up in 7th. Still pretty happy with the drive and I know I'll get on the podium with a flame out free run one of these days! There was some drama during the race of a parent who was marshalling that was watching her sons car instead of her corner. I couldn't see it obviously, but I was standing right next to the driver on the stand and got an earful of it and was down in pit lane when it escalated into a full on shouting match. People need to chill as it is supposed to be a fun time out with friends racing. I know people want to win, but you can't take it to seriously or it is not going to be fun anymore!

I know I don't show any love for the Truggy class, but frankly, I just don't care about them and the day is too busy for me to cover them properly. Here are the results anyways. haha

Daniels Truck is pretty much un-stoppable as of late. The kid is ripping it out there.

Random Thoughts

- RC Pro Series is a great race series up here. Super fun so far and the competition has been quite good. No one is running away with anything out there.
- Average Joe's track was better than initaially thought. I just needed some track time on it.
- I like the Tebo Nationals set up on my Nitro car, but think I might go back to the old set up on my electric. I will test at Hardcore then decide.
- e-Buggy gets the shaft for the mains...We have to marshal 3 times (usually 15-30 minutes each time). This is very tiring.
- I don't get the whole anger thing in Nitro buggy. Shit happens during a race but man I never hear so much cursing than during a Nitro Buggy A Main! A lot of us need to remember we are almost role models for the younger kids out there watching and none of us are getting paid to race, so have some fun out there and chillax. Your driving will be better when you are not so tense and you will come off the stand feeling like you had fun instead of having road rage.
- I curse the Kyosho shock clips every weekend I am racing. I can't wait to get my MP9 TKI 2 kit with the threaded collars!
- JConcepts Subcultures in Blue compound are a fantastic tire! I have used them at most of the races this year and love them. They hold up so well too.
- Some new faces (and fast drivers) out this weekend. Nice to see some new names ripping it up to keep us on our toes!
- Word up to Jordan Krupp. I might catch some shit for calling him old, but this "old dude" can really lay it down out there. Nice 2nd place finish to give the punk kids a lesson or two in driving every now and then and keep them in check!

- Great racing for Jay this weekend! Solid driving lept him into a podium finish in 3rd overall in e-Buggy!
- No tire bucket was spilled all weekend either!

Some Pics:

"Chewy" laying down some H2O to keep the dust at bay.

Waiting for the Mains to start

Track was getting torn apart in the, sun, heat and wind.

Some custom painted goodies from T & T

Marlene's MP9 TKI waiting for battle.

My MP9SE warming up....I love the Competition Heat engine warmer. Makes life easy!

JConcepts Subcultures in soft blue compound after a 1/2 hour main. Lots left!

Told you my new lids would arrive on the Monday after the race...haha. Never fails!

Some Pics from Joe from "Average Joe's"

A Main buggy line up

thanks to O'Donnell's Steve Mostacci for the pit work in the Main!


The now traditional "Act of Dominance" at the races. Me forcefully mounting Willy Howells. haha

See you all at Round 4!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

RC Pro Series Round 3 - Saturday Qualifying

So qualifying is in the books. It was a long day but after about 10 hours, we got the 4 rounds of Qual Points Qualifying in! The track has changed quite a bit from Friday's practice. You could really drive the track hard on Friday and clear a lot of the jumps easily. The sun was out in full force though and the track really dried out and got dusty and loose. The truggies looked pretty good out there on the rutted and blown out track and the buggies were all having their share of difficulties. No one in Buggy looked like they were laying it down. In electric buggy, Andy Vetor's buggy was really good out there and he TQ'd 3 of the 4 rounds. Abiye and I battled in the last qualifier for second place and we both swapped the lead throughout the race. Abiye held it together more then I did though and he secured the second place with me in third.I am not sure the new set up is as good as my old one, but this track is so blown out that it is hard to tell.

Top 5 Electric Buggy A Main

1. Andy Vetor - Hot Bodies

2. Abiye Birku - Tamiya Canada

3. John Summach - Kyosho America/JConcepts

4. Steve Bortolotti - Tamiya Canada

5. Jay Lovegrove - Associated RC8Be

In Nitro Buggy, It was all over the place in qualifying. I managed to bag a 4th and a 2nd in rounds 2 and 3. I was in good shape for round 4 but just before I crossed the loop to start, my front shock came off on the tower! I guess the nut had fallen off somehow. Marco ran back to the pit and got me sorted out but I was already a couple laps down so I just tried some new lines and jumps. that unfortunately dropped me to 6th place in the A Main grid.

Top 5 Expert Nitro A Main

1. George Stilliadis - Sprucewood Losi

2. Abiye Birku - Tamiya Canada

3. Jordan Krupp - Mugen Canada

4. Daniel Yachnin - Sprucewood Losi

5. Derek Sousa - Hot Bodies?

*6. John Summach - Kyosho America/JConcepts
(Shamless plug for me as it is my Blog)

Random Thoughts:

- Weather was crazy today. Sunny morning, overcast/threatening thunder showers afternoon, windy as hell evening.
- Announcer Nick Imenio managed to pull off 4 rounds of qualifying in one day. Good job. Many (myself included) did not think it could be done!
- The track was really fun on Friday and gapping the big jump and table top was fun in e buggy. The dryness and blown out jumps on Saturday put and end to that
- Thanks to Tamiya Canada's Abiye Birku for tuning my motor. I still am learning on what to do when weather changes...slowly getting it but it is great to have people at the races that know a lot about tuning and the fact they don't mind sharing the info!
- Trying Tebo's new set up from National (including moving the RX pack up front). It seems pretty good. A tad nose heavy on jumps though here.
- So many cool trailers at the race this weekend. I NEED to get me one for next year! haha
- I find it comedic that EVERY race has marshaling problems. 80% of us have been doing this enough to know where you should be and when. There were so many empty cones out there throughout the day. It is just sad.
- Cool little venue. Motel, Food, Bar, Paintball and Lake all within walking distance. It is also 25 minutes from my house which is nice!
- Lots of junk in the dirt though geting exposed as the track deteriorates. I found a big ass brick, some glass, rocks, exposed tree roots & some kind of mesh.
- Atmosphere seems a little more chill here which is nice for a change. Less cursing on the stand for some reason.
- I am still digging Nitro. It is still more fun that I expected it to be.

- Jay is showing prowess at his home track and all the practice is paying off. Solid runs out there today.
- Jay's car only had one mechanical today (bent CVD)!
- No spilt tire bucket!!

- Ryan has finally discovered the female sex and has chosen Ho's before Bro's this weekend

- Fred I am sure is enjoying a rum and coke or two up north at his cottage this weekend.
- Fred would be cursing out the ripples and blown out sections anyways.

- BLAH BLAH BLAH have to fix my real car
- BLAH BLAH BLAH girlfriend this and that
- Pffffft Pussy.


Some of the pit area

The track

More pits

Kyosho Korner

Neighbours bad ass pit tent...I love this thing.

New set up...seems to be working for me.

Crazy ass spider I found hiding on my car.

Speed dirt.

George's Truggy

Driver stand area

Pit lane. You can play where's Willy?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Next "Almost Live" Race coverage: RC Pro Series Round 3 @ Average Joe's RC

So this weekend Average Joe's R/C ( host their first big event. The new track looks pretty good and is in a great little area with lots of amenities (Food, Bar, Hotel etc.) all within walking distance! Could turn out to be a hot little race venue! I have not been there yet and have only seen a few pictures of the place so we'll see what all the racer think come Friday. The track is only 1/2 hour away from me too which is always nice. New on my side are total set up changes. I'll post up some pics on Friday as I am waiting to get some parts to finish the ride off. I am really excited to get out there as I have been off the last few weeks with the house move and a little camping vacation with the family. I don't think my new bodies are going to make it here in time though :(

Average Joe's - Complete

Kris @ Darkside Designs never lets me down. I give him vague design descriptions and he always nails it! Thanks Mang!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hardcore Raceway Sunday Series #3

Round 3 came around and I was a little better prepared. I struggled in qualifying and with only 2 rounds of qualifiers I could only muster up a mid pack B main slot. I managed to weave my way into the lead about halfway and was already thinking of the bump up when a flameout took me out of the running and I ended up in 5th place. The car was way better though this time and my lap times were up there with the best just needed a little more luck. In electric I had TQ in the first round and then everyone stepped it up in the second round. I was on my way to TQing the second round when the car started to fade. I was thermalling with maybe 4 corners to go! it cost me my TQ spot! In the pits I saw that the Tekin fan had broken a fin and caused the fan to jam. Those fans really suck balls as it is the third fan I have had to replace in a few months. I ended up qualifying in 3rd and was pretty gutted. I was confident I could make a good run in the main and at the tone the top 3 took off and were checking out. I made the switch to JConcepts Double Dee V2 in Blue for the main and the car was fantastic out there. Then the rain hit...pretty fast and pretty hard. They had to call the race and use the qualifying order for the points....great. One little fan blade cost me some good points! Oh well, that's the way it rolls sometimes.

Sunday Series # 2 @ Hardcore R/C

Well the decision was made easy thanks to Mother Nature. Lots of rain forces Full Throttle Raceway in NY to Cancel the GLORCS opening round. So local track Hardcore Raceway (with their insane drainage) was able to host their Sunday Series Race #2. Attendance blew out at over 110 entries with some coming from Ohio and even some by private plane! Traction was great and JConcepts Blue Subcultures worked awesome. I managed to qualify 3rd in the Electric 8th scale A Main and also finished in 3rd for the main. In Nitro I was somewhere in the B Main. My cars were not as dialed this time. This track really treats the MP9 differently. I am going to have to do some testing and get my set up right for here as I really didn't have anything for the competition today.