Saturday, August 29, 2009

johnnyboy "world wide"!

I got an e-mail from Hot Bodies Team driver Scott O asking me if I was in I told him I had sold my buggy to a dude in Spain and with the European Champs on there now and with Oople's always great race coverage, it was only a matter of time before "the 'ol girl" made it to the net I guess. Wonder how he made out (forget his name now).

oOple's European Championship Coverage

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Long time no see!

Hi guys (and gal's?)

Sorry I have not had any reports as of late. There are a couple of reasons. First off, our "summer" up here has been nothing but rainy weekends and a lot of the racing has been canceled or miserable! Secondly, I work for the family business (shameless plug: and we have expanded quite a bit this year and I have had to put in some man hours selling and getting things organized. It has been pretty crazy there (which is good in this economy I suppose) so I have had to put racing on the back burner this season. I will be back though (I have really missed racing this year)! Might have a couple of changes in the wings too. I have been on the fence on wether to enter Nitro Buggy racing. I know nothing of nitro engines, but it is still a huge class up here and quite frankly I have some serious competitiveness issues (I thought it is supposed to wain as you get older?) and might just want to see if I can do any damage in that arena.

Thanks to everyone who checks out my little blog and you will see some more cool coverage in the future!



workin hard or hardly workin? I'm sure there is a R/C website open in the background...haha