Wednesday, August 13, 2008

RC Pro Series Nitro Race @ #5 Raceway

As we were rained out, I popped by to see the RC Pro Series Race. Just a couple of quick pics and videos of XXX Main Driver Mike VanD!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sid's Raceway Dirt Storm '08

Race Update:


Another day of rain has postponed the race until next weekend. I unfortunately will be at my sister in laws wedding (the reason why I could not attend the ROAR Nationals). I am really itching to drive my car....All this rain is killing me!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sid's Raceway: Dirt Storm 2008

General Race classes (all electric):
2WD Buggy 1/10th Open
4WD Buggy 1/10th Open
Stadium Truck (2WD) 1/10th Open
Novice Class (Series Race Only)


10 Minute: A Mains

8 Minute: B Mains
7 Minute: C Mains+

With CRAZY amounts of rain in the region this year, hopefully the race will go off well this weekend. All the rain has done wonders to the track surface though. The traction is great and the rain has been self repairing the track surface.

Not too much new for me. I have been really busy with the kid and work projects so the cars have been sitting on the bench untouched for a while. I did manage to sneak out to Fatscats Indoor race last week though to run the RB5 (so much rain here, outdoor wasn't an option!). It was good to get some practice in. I am once again playing with new set ups I got from some other Factory Kyosho guys just to see how their set ups feel. I have not had a chance to run them yet though so the first time will be at the race! It will also be the first time running the new 2008 Orion Vortex motors and some new Kyosho parts.