Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Team!

Short Press release from Team Leader Kevin Taylor:

Ontario's new durango/great hobbies team...

No easy feat, but a team of 6 drivers with over 100 years of combined race experience, has been put together, and I'm excited about the results we're going to achieve both on AND off the track with this team.

Myself, Great Hobbies, and Team Durango, are happy to introduce the following list of drivers for Ontario...

Brian Belanger
Rick Endler
Chet Kelsey
John Summach
Steve Taylor
Kevin Taylor

Including myself, the team will be working hard to get our equipment changed over during the next few weeks, but expect to see us in full force in time for the Canadian Indoor Offroad Shootout. I also want to thank Durango and Great Hobbies for this opportunity, as well as thank the other guys on the team for their support as well.



I am really looking forward to working with a Canadian Company! It is exciting to see Great Hobbies step up their game to become a huge player in the Canadian market and keep those Canadian dollars at home. Team Durango is poised to become the best supported brand in Canada and I look forward to helping them increase brand awareness and market share! It is going to be a great year! See you at the track!



pharrison said...

congrats Johnny, I think you will really like their product.
I run their 4wd and love it.. the 2wd on carpet rocks :)

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